How to Sell a Cluttered Home

cluttered homeWalking into a home packed wall to wall with boxes, clothing, toys, old furniture and groceries still stored in plastic bags can be a daunting experience for someone who is not accustomed to that type of life style but to a person who collects things and keeps a “cluttered home” this is a natural setting.  If you own such a home, do not panic.  There is a way to sell your home for the money it is worth, provided you are willing to do some work.

  • Be realistic.  Your possessions and personal items may not mean anything to a potential buyer.  Therefore, you can choose to pack things up and store them all for your ne w home or you can clean them up and sell them before you go on the market.
  • If you choose to pack things up and store them, you may want to consider hiring a moving company.  They will do the packing and moving and will often haul things off if you are ready to for it to be taken to the trash.
  • If you want to work through your items and clean up your home personally, be sure to give yourself enough time each day.  Start in one room and work your way around.  I suggest you get a few boxes and use them for staging – one for “things to keep”, one for “things I need to spend more time researching”, one for “sell online or at yard sale”, one for “give to charity” and finally one for “trash it”.  By breaking things into these areas, you allow yourself more time for those things that require more of your time to determine its outcome.  You also can choose to give some of your nicer things to a local charity or a loved one!
  • Start with the most cluttered room.  Although you may feel overwhelmed at first, having this room completed with give you a sense of accomplishment, making it easier to tackle the rest of the home.

You may be asking – how do I know what to keep and what to remove?  Glad you asked!

  • Here’s the caveat about keeping items – if you have NOT used it, seen it or thought of it in six months or more, you probably do NOT need it!  It probably should go in the Sell or Give to Charity box.  You have to be honest with yourself at this point or you will NEVER get it cleaned up.  If it takes you more than 15 seconds to decide if you need it, guess what?  You don’t need it!
  • Here’s another thought about keeping items – if you are keeping it thinking “one day I may need that” or “one day someone I know (insert name or relationship here) may need this”, one day will never arrive.  If it’s a brand new item, sell it online or at a yard sale and then you can buy another one when you need it!
  • If you have duplicates of an item, toss one and keep the other – if you feel that you must have either.

When you have cleaned up the items from your rooms, completely clean your home from top to bottom.  You can do this yourself or hire a cleaning company.  If you have carpet, you should invest in a carpet cleaning company.  They usually run specials and can clean several rooms inexpensively.  Be sure to do a little research because not all companies are the same.

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt good?  A ‘feeling’ of a home can help you make the sale…..Walk around your home and see your home through another person’s eyes.  Pretend the Queen of England is coming to your home and prepare for Her Majesty’s visit.  Make sure the features of your home stand out.  Make sure your counter space is as clear as possible.  Have a fireplace?  Show it off!  Do not clutter or cover it!  Got hardwood floors? Make sure buyers can see those floors! Buyers pay good money for hardwood floors and many buyers seek only a home with hardwood floors.

The final step to a successful showing is placing the home with an experienced agent.  Contact me and I will work with you on each step to help you sell your home!

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