Should You Remodel or Move?

 _DSC6166Should you remodel or move?

Making sense of your cents

Everyone loves a new look, right?  The fresh clean feel of new carpet or the way new counter tops shine.  It’s a wonderful feeling.  But remodeling your home can be expensive and buying a new home can cost even more.  Which is the better choice?  Well, it depends.

What size is your remodeling job?  Are you looking to return your investment immediately or over the next 10-15 years?  What is the average value of homes in your neighborhood?  Are there new homes being built around you now?

Before you jump into a second mortgage to finance that remodeling project, discuss your goals with an experienced real estate agent.  An agent can share the pros and cons with you after pulling your comprehensive market analysis (CMA) and looking at the trends in your area.  An agent can also refer you to a qualified inspector who can evaluate the needs of your home and make recommendations before you sink money into your home if it’s actually time to move.

If you are considering either of these options, contact me.  We can decide if it’s time to put your home on the market and locate a new home.  If you decide it’s time for a remodeling job, that’s fine too!  I have contacts who can help you through that process.



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