Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

bathroomSo, you have decided it’s time to sell your home.  Maybe you have a new job and need to transfer quickly?  Maybe you found a home that better suits your needs?  Perhaps it’s time to downsize?  Whatever the reason, selling your home doesn’t have to be as painful as it sounds.  Here are a few tips to help you sell your home fast.

De-Clutter the Clutter.  A potential buyer cannot see the possibilities if the rooms are cluttered with furniture, boxes or other personal effects.  If you have begun to pack, simply line the boxes up neatly along the walls. 

Remove the Personal Touch.  Although your personal items may be of significant value to you, a potential buyer needs to visualize their own belongings in the new home.  A bare wall shows buyers the possibilities for their own artwork.  Less furniture allows buyers to see their own furniture sitting in the room.  Large empty spaces with less furniture appeals to buyers because they tend to emotionally connect to a home when they can imagine their own personal belongings.

Leave the Kids at Grandmas – the Furry Ones, That Is.  Our pets are our children.  We love our furry friends. But not everyone feels that way.  In addition, some people have severe allergies to dogs and cats and cannot be around them at all.  When showing your home, never leave the dog food, kitty litter or other traces of an animal in display.  Take the pets to family members, a boarder or a friend during the showing.

Why Didn’t the Buyers Show Up?  Remember that old saying about first impressions?  It goes for homes as well.  Just as important as the inside of your home, the outside is the first thing your buyers will see.  Your yard should be trash free.  If appropriate, plant some flowers or put out some hanging baskets.  You do not necessarily need to re-landscape your yard but you do want your visitors to see a nice clean yard.  The yard is the first impression they will have.  Often this is the deciding factor for a buyer and may just keep them from stopping to see the home.

Clean, Clean and Clean Again!  Your home should be ready to show at all times.  That means there should be no clothes lying around, beds should be made and the kitchen should be spotless.  The kitchen is the most important room when selling your home so always make sure it’s clean and inviting.

Price to Sell.  Your home has great sentimental value to you.  However, it must be priced appropriately to sell and sell quickly.  A buyer does not have any emotional value placed on the home…yet.  However, with the right agent – one who knows the market and knows how to help you display your home, buyers can walk in and begin to feel an emotional connection to your home.  Soon, the right buyer will connect and make an acceptable offer.

If you are thinking of selling your home, contact me and we will do a market analysis (this is a free service that I offer) to find the right price for your home.  I will also work with you to help you make your house “show ready” for the market.


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