What is MLS: Multiple Listing Service in Georgia?

What is MLS: Multiple Listing Service in Georgia?

If you have been looking at property, either to buy or sell, you may have noticed the letters MLS with a number.  MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service.  This is a service that all experienced realtors use to index and “list” properties, whether commercial or residential.  It is used for land and lots as well.

MLS services provide a way for the details of the home to be entered into a giant database and shared nationwide without the need to list it over and over.  These listings can contain the number of rooms, listing price, square footage, lot size, neighborhood information and other demographics.

Why is this important?

When you choose to list your home with an agent, you want to be sure that the agent has the tools to properly advertise your listing.  MLS is an important tool for that.  It allows other agents to see your home and tell their clients about it or show it to their clients.  That’s how homes get sold.

As a buyer, you want to work with an agent that uses MLS in addition to other marketing avenues.  That allows your agent to see all of the properties listed so that she can locate exactly the type of home you are seeking.

You may be looking for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath brick home with a basement and more than 1 acre of land.  An experienced agent can set you up with a search tool using an MLS service to not only look for that type of home, but to update you regularly on any changes that occur in the market to your search.  Click here to sign up now for your own search using our tool.

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