What Stays with the House?

When selling or buying a home, it’s important to know what items stay with the home and which items do not.  Without knowing the difference, issues can arise prior to the closing, especially during final walk-through.  That is NOT the time to learn that those lovely curtains you had your eye on are not part of the deal!  Here are some tips on knowing what stays with the house.

  • Landscaping – any types of flowers, trees, or bushes that are in the ground will stay.
  • Built-in items – shelving, wall units, cabinets and other items that are built into the walls or home will stay.
  • Smoke Detectors – these should be looked upon as part of the home system and should stay.
  • Security System – if the system is wired and cannot be removed (like a wireless system), it stays.
  • Mountings and Brackets – although this can be a little trickier, as a seller you should consider leaving the mountings or brackets if removing it would create damage to the location where it is mounted.
  • Shutters and window coverings – Typically shutters and blinds should stay.  Curtains and other window coverings will most often go with the seller since these items are typically decoration.

An experienced real estate agent will know which items should stay and which items typically leave with the home owner.  However, many other items can be negotiated during the contract agreement.  For example, if you see something in the home that you feel must be a part of the deal in order for you to buy it, let your real estate agent know.  She can make sure that is added to the contract prior to your offer.

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